Exploration of single-cell gene expression in mouse full-thickness skin during hair growth and rest

Exploration portal of single-cell atlas described in our study:
The molecular anatomy of mouse skin during hair growth and rest
Joost, S.*, Annusver, K.*, Jacob, T., Sun, X., Sivan, U., Dalessandri T., Sequeira, I., Sandberg, R. and Kasper M.
*co-first authors.

Under Construction. We are currently finalizing the data visualization and have only populated the database with genes starting on A.

Search for an official gene name to explore its expression across the single-cell gene expression resource
(currently limited to genes starting with letter A):

All major cell populations in full-thickness skin

Permanent epidermis keratinocytes

Anagen hair follicle keratinocytes

Pseudotime analysis of anagen hair follicle keratinocytes

Fibroblast and fibroblast-like cells

Immune cells

Vascular cells

Neural crest derived cells

Miscellaneous cells

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