The molecular anatomy of mouse skin during hair growth and rest: data portal

Joost, S.*, Annusver, K.*, Jacob, T., Sun, X., Sivan, U., Dalessandri T., Sequeira, I., Sandberg, R. and Kasper M.

*co-first authors.

Published in Cell Stem Cell Feb 2020.

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solute carrier family 9 (sodium/hydrogen exchanger), member 7

All 56 cell populations in full-thickness skin

Permanent epidermis keratinocytes

Anagen hair follicle keratinocytes

Pseudotime analysis of anagen hair follicle keratinocytes

Fibroblast and fibroblast-like cells

Dermal sheath and dermal papilla cells

Immune cells

Vascular cels

Neural crest derived cells

Miscellaneous cells

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